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  • Your first name and last name must match as it is in your legal document and your bank account name. This would be used to verify your account. We want to make sure everyone on Danloader is a Genuine Profile.

  • No Danloader would SEE or HAVE ACCESS to your first or last name.

  • ONLY your username will be displayed to all Danloaders and you can change your username at anytime.

  • You MUST upload and use your personal picture with your face shown as your profile photo. If you use a profile photo which is not yours, your account would be INSTANTLY SUSPENDED. BANNED IMMEDIATELY AND YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO OPEN ANY OTHER ACCOUNT ON DANLOADER.

  • You will NOT BE ABLE TO CHANGE your first name, last name, and date of birth after sign up.

It's in your benefit if you use your MOST ACTIVE PHONE NUMBER. This is the account your earnings would be credited to. It should Match the FIRST & LAST NAME you are signing up with. Please tell us how you got to know about Danloader. If someone referred You. Tell us their Username. If it's a long story... Tell us. You can write a whole sentence. We want to know.

SCROLL UP & CROSS-CHECK AGAIN! MAKE SURE YOUR DETAILS ARE EXACTLY AS THEY APPEAR ON YOUR LEGAL DOCUMENTS. You will not be able to change this information later. Cross-check everything carefully.

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مرحبا بكم في Danloader

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